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Giap Chin's Road To World Junior Champion

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

M Badminton Academy is thankful and proud for the support from our friend Goh Giap Chin to make this issue possible. Giap Chin has been one of the best men's singles player in Malaysia and had won titles such as the World Junior Championship Champion & Asia Junior Championship first runner-up as well as leading Petaling Jaya Badminton Club to victory at Malaysia Purple League.

Q&A with Goh Giap Chin

How long have you been playing badminton & why do you like this sport?

My father loves to play badminton, we are not from a wealthy family so he tried to raise me into a badminton player when I was a kid, and I like the sport as well. So it all started there.

Have you been through any obstacle & how you overcome them?

It’s extremely competitive in National Team, and the opportunity to join tournament doesn’t come easy. It’s a must to work hard and put in twice the effort compared to others. You must have short, middle as well as long term goals to work towards. Always remind yourself of the goals you’ve set rather than training hard without a direction.

Are there major differences playing for the club and for the national team?

Definitely, If we don’t work hard in the national team, we’ll get replaced by other players, and sometimes there aren’t many second chances given. Many don’t even care about our future, it’s a highly competitive environment with rapid replacement of players once their ability is deemed unsatisfied by the national team. Furthermore, we face a tremendous amount of pressure to wear our country’s flag in front of our chest, which means we are expected to win. Outside of the national team, training and rules are not as strict, thus much depend on our own discipline.

Which player do you look up to on the international badminton scene?

LEE CHONG WEI & LEE HYUN IL, because they have world-class level of gameplay and most importantly they are gentlemen on court.

What tips & advice will you give to professional player/badminton enthusiasts?

Apart from hard work, a clear goal is essential, to know what you really want to achieve at the end of the day.














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