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Meet Our Head Coach

Meet Felix, our esteemed head coach and a renowned figure in the world of badminton. With decades of experience, both as a player and a coach, Felix brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, and passion to our academy. His journey is not just about individual accomplishments, but it's a testament to his dedication towards nurturing the next generation of badminton talent


Early Days

Felix embarked on his badminton journey at a young age, honing his skills and competitiveness in the dynamic world of the sport. His dedication and talent earned him a place in the Malaysia National Team, where he achieved an impressive highest world rank of 72. These early experiences in the sport deeply shaped Felix's understanding of the game and informed his unique approach to coaching."

Contribution To The Badminton Scene

From an accomplished player, Felix evolved into an innovator in the sport. He established Georgetown BC and BM All Stars BC, two competitive clubs in the esteemed Malaysia Purple League.

kento purple league (1).jpeg

With Purple League CEO, Dato Jack Koh

Cultivating Champions and Transforming the Sport

Felix's contributions to the badminton scene are defined by his relentless commitment to cultivating champions and transforming the sport. His keen eye for potential and heartfelt passion for the game led him to guide numerous emerging athletes, including his own son who would later become a part of the Malaysia National Team. By creating avenues for talent to shine, Felix has not only moulded individual careers, but also significantly contributed to the evolution and vibrancy of the sport on a global scale.

With Datuk Lee Chong Wei


With Singapore Doubles Head Coach, Paulus

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Our Junior Coaches: The Next Generation of Leaders

Our coaching depth extends to our junior coaches, all with a decade of badminton experience and a shared passion for the sport. Some have represented Singapore in respected events like the World University and ASEAN University Games. Their achievements underscore the quality we uphold within our coaching team. Through careful selection, we ensure that each coach embodies our values of quality and dedication, offering an enriching journey for our trainees.


Dive into our gallery and catch a glimpse of our passionate coaches as they mentor, inspire, and transform lives both on and off the badminton court.

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