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Off The Zone provides structured coaching sessions for players of all abilities. Our programs incorporate the Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological and Social development of all our players. 


Our coaching team includes award winning coaches & professional shuttlers who work together to design training sessions that encourages players to express themselves and help them to develop their personal confidence through interacting with others in a conducive environment. 

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Our Essentials for Your Success

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We are committed to guiding your child's development (Kids program) through our quarterly reports and ensuring he or she has the best opportunity possible for success in badminton.

We take a personalised approach (adult program) to skills development and follow up on every step of the way

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We care about our trainees, we want everyone to enjoy badminton and feel fulfilled by their experience. Through our community, trainees can meet like-minded individuals who shared a common interest over an open play, which all our trainees are eligible to join. Further more, there are also additional training sessions for kids to join on a first come first serve basis, with the aim to accelerate their growth. All these initiatives are provided by us solely for the love of this sport, hence it is open to all our trainees who meet certain enrolment criteria at no additional charge.

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Our foundation building program is design by our in house national athletes and experienced certified instructors so that every trainee will benefit from our program, building a solid foundation while enjoying the process. We understand that for effective learning to take place, a conducive environment is essential, that is why we host our training at suntec, in partnership with Teamsport Singapore, where competition-level flooring and equipments are been used with all-day-long air conditioning. 

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Get hours of exclusive badminton video content, infographics, and free access to seminars on fundamental strokes, drills, and common mistakes to open up a multi-dimensional learning experience for our trainees. 

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World Class Digital Content

By Singapore National Champions

Introduction to Badminton Fundamentals (Sneak Peak)

Taught by Southeast Asian Games Medalist Wesley Koh, this 45-minute tutorial provides badminton lovers with the most basic knowledge to excel in their game, as well as some tips and do-at-home practices. The digital contents are accessible to all trainees for free. Join us now!

Latest Updates


Junior World Rank No. 1 Pair Johann & Joo Jie Joining The OTZ Team

It's our honour to have Johann & Joo Jie with us to promote this sport and give back to the community with some very interesting contents coming up, stay tuned!

03 Mar 2023


Welcoming Canadian shuttler Talia Ng (World Rank 54) joining our team

We are excited to have Talia onboard with us to promote badminton through authentic digital content such as gameplay, tutorials, experience sharing, and more. 

03 Feb 2023


March Holiday Camp 2023 Registration Open

Join us this march holiday to discover the fun of badminton. Kids will learn the fundamentals of the sport through various engaging activities and drills while making new friends. Embark on this journey with us now!

20 Jan 2023


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