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Wesley - Singapore

Uniting the World through Badminton

Off The Zone is an international badminton academy based in Singapore. We bring together a diverse team of coaches and athletes from all over the world, united by our shared passion for badminton


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Elevate Your Badminton Experience

At Off The Zone, we offer more than just a game. Our comprehensive platform serves as a one-stop destination for all things badminton, designed to take your passion for the sport to the next level. From original digital content that brings you closer to the action and the athletes, to a range of innovative training programs developed by world-class coaches, and premium merchandise that keeps you geared up for success - we've got you covered. Discover, learn, play, and shop – all in one place, only at Off The Zone.


Original Digital Content


Here you’ll get to explore the enormous amount of original content generated by professional shuttlers, student athletes and in-house talents. From tutorials to experience sharing and fun instances, there’ll always be something that keep you entertained and updated.

Training Programs 

Off The Zone provides structured training for players of all abilities. Our programs incorporate the Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological and Social development of all our players. The small class group sessions and private session ensures each and every individual gets ample amount of attention and guidance which ensures improvement.

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Merchandise (Coming Soon)

A line of activewear, streetwear and accessories that are created with simplicity, comfort and a cause in mind. Developed for individuals with an active lifestyle, from everyday wear to training. By purchasing our apparels, you are supporting the professional badminton athletes around the world, fuelling original content generation and other initiatives which contributes to the growth of this sport, creating a sustainable ecosystem.

Empowering Athletes, Building Community

At Off The Zone, we are passionate about forming synergistic relationships with skilled badminton athletes worldwide. Through our Global Athlete Partnership, we support athletes in achieving their goals while crafting fascinating and educational content for the worldwide badminton community. Collectively, we celebrate and nurture the sport's growth and influence.


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